MyPlace Physio Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to You:

Our commitment to you is based on more than just excellent clinical care and customer service. At MyPlace Physio, we value your human rights. This means that our clients receive respectful care and are not discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual preference, or health status.

You have the right to see the physiotherapist of your choice, obtain a second opinion, and refuse treatment if you so desire. Please contact us if you would like to provide feedback or make a complaint.


Your Commitment to Us:

In order to achieve outstanding treatment results, we require an equal commitment from you. Please take the time to read all of our Terms and Conditions, as this enables clarity, clear communication and helps us to all be on the same page, better enabling fantastic results to be achieved.

All of our professional recommendations are based on the information provided by you, an objective and expert physiotherapy examination, and the specific goals determined by you and your physiotherapist. It is important to understand our Terms and Conditions and for you to acknowledge that ultimately, it is your responsibility to follow our advice and avoid situations that may aggravate or exacerbate your condition. We acknowledge that life and health are multifaceted, so an infinite number of variables can impact the outcomes of any treatment program.

We are confident that if you follow our recommendations and stick to your treatment plan over the course of your treatment period, then we can help you to achieve the outstanding results you desire.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. General
    • We agree to provide physiotherapy services to you on the terms set out in this Agreement. This document represents the entire understanding between the Parties, and – except for those terms implied by law and which cannot be excluded and any other terms specifically incorporated by reference – no other terms apply.
  1. Consent to treatment for online physio consultations:
    • You signify your consent to this Agreement by purchasing any physiotherapy services and products from the website. We do alter this Agreement from time to time, and you must review this document before each purchase. This document was last changed on 4/12/2020.
    • If you are under 18 years of age, you must provide us with the written consent of your parent or guardian, who must also agree to:
      • be bound by this Agreement;
      • provide proper supervision in relation to the provision of information to us; and
      • provide proper supervision in relation to your use of our physiotherapy services
    • Regarding private health fund claiming for all online physio consultations, you consent to:
      • your treating physio to submit the claim to your health fund on your behalf
      • your health insurance fund to verify any aspect of this claim including through the provision of treatment records from your treating physio
    • declare that the service/s being claimed for has been provided to the person listed on the policy, and are not subject to Medicare reimbursement or any other form of compensation, and do not knowingly breach fund rules.
  1. Purposes, nature, and suitability of physiotherapy – applying to online physio consultations:
    • You acknowledge that:
      • no online service is a perfect substitute for an “in-person” consultation with a physiotherapist; and
      • we are unable to guarantee that our treatments will result in a cure of your particular complaint or condition. We recommend treatments that we believe are likely (based upon our experience and training) to be effective, but we cannot guarantee results.
    • It may become obvious to us that our physiotherapy services are not suitable for you. In these circumstances, we will not provide physiotherapy services to you. Instead, we will refund any money paid to you and will suggest an alternative course of action.
  • Provision of advice by you:

– You acknowledge that in delivering our physiotherapy services, we are completely reliant upon the information that you provide us. In this regard, you agree to provide us with:

  • accurate and complete information in regards to our assessment questions and any follow-up questions which we ask of you; and
  • any information which could reasonably be expected to be relevant to your condition or treatment.
  • Provision of advice by us

– We agree to provide you with a written document containing your treatment program or other requested information to your given email within two business days.


    • Full understanding required: You must not implement your prescribed treatment program or act on any advice unless you fully understand it. Please ask any questions before implementing any treatment program or acting on any advice provided by us.
    • Cessation: You must immediately cease using your prescribed treatment program and cease acting upon any advice give by us if you experience any pain or discomfort. In these circumstances, you must contact us as soon as possible.
    • Third persons: You must not provide our treatment program to any other person. We assume no duty of care in relation to any third person using your prescribed treatment program.
  1. Purposes, nature, and suitability of physiotherapy – Applying to In-person and online-physiotherapy consultations:
    • You hereby request and give consent to our therapists to perform all necessary examinations, manipulations, therapy, rehabilitation, and medical diagnostic procedures in accordance with their professional training and understanding of your injury. You understand that during your treatment, care may be rendered by different therapists that work for MyPlace Physio.
    • You understand that you have an opportunity to discuss with your therapist, the nature and purpose of your physiotherapy care before any treatment is rendered.
    • You acknowledge and accept the following:
      • The physical nature of physiotherapy and related treatments
      • You have the right to see the physiotherapist of your choice, refuse intervention or seek a further opinion and to provide feedback and make a complaint.
      • The adverse risks associated with treatment, including stiffness and soreness, soft tissue injury, neurological complications, cerebrovascular injuries, skin irritations, burns, and other minor complications.
      • The probability of risk is lowered by screening procedures.
      • Other treatment options exist if the risk of physiotherapy is considered to be high, including medication, medical care, hospitalisation, and surgery.
      • The risk of remaining untreated includes the formation of adhesions, scar tissue, and other degenerative changes. These changes can further reduce skeletal mobility, and induce chronic pain cycles. It is quite probable that delay of treatment will complicate the condition and make future rehabilitation more difficult.
      • Most clients receive our services without the need for a medical or other referral. However, in the event a referral from another practitioner has been given, it is highly recommended that such a referral is provided to the treating physiotherapist to assist in the continuity of care and our delivery of the most appropriate treatment for the client.
  1. Cancellations – terms and conditions:
    • We believe that your health should be a priority in your life and therefore your treatment should be a priority in your schedule. Last-minute cancellations and clients not attending their allocated appointment times can have a major impact on our waiting list and negatively affect your treatment progress.
    • Reminder SMS texts and emails are a proactive approach on our behalf; however, we still ask that you record your appointment elsewhere as phone services vary in some areas. Our answering machine is operating 24 hours as an additional service if you need to cancel your appointment outside of business hours.

Our Same Day Cancellation Policy will apply if:

  • You cancel your allocated appointment time on the same day as your scheduled appointment.
  • You fail to attend your allocated appointment time.
  • Failing to attend and same day cancellations will incur full fee payment
  • This is applicable to all patients and is NOT claimable on your health fund.
  • Compensable clients who are claiming their consultation fee through Medicare or WorkCover will be required to pay their cancellation fee themselves. The cancellation fee cannot be bulk billed.
    Further appointments will not be booked until the outstanding cancellation fee has been paid.
  • If we receive advance notice that you are unable to attend it will provide an opportunity to offer the appointment to other clients from our waiting list or those requiring emergency physiotherapy.
  • We greatly appreciate your support and understanding of our policy and value your questions should you have any.
  • Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions. Sickness, work, emergencies, and unexpected events will still incur the scheduled cancellation fee – PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU.
  • We would like to avoid applying a cancellation fee! Therefore – your co-operation and clear communication would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Late and missed appointments
  • If you arrive late to an appointment, whether online or in-person, but within your allocated time slot, you may receive a shorter consultation in an effort to not inconvenience other clients after you.
  • If you either arrive after or entirely miss an appointment, you will be charged the consultation fee in full.
  • If you miss your appointment and call to reschedule, you will be required to pay for the missed appointment prior to booking any further appointment dates. Late arrivals or missed appointments prevent those on the waiting list or those who require urgent physiotherapy treatment from getting an appointment and inconvenience both the physiotherapists and other clients waiting.


  1. Consent to obtain and release information
  • To ensure that we are able to provide the best level of care we may be required to obtain and/or release information regarding your medical condition with other treating practitioners, rehabilitation, consultants, case managers, and employers
  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you give permission for representatives of MyPlace Physio practitioners to exchange such information regarding injuries sustained and any significant past medical history, with those people deemed necessary by MyPlace Physio.


  1. Accounts and Billing
  • It is expected that all fees are paid in full at the time of consultation. Our table of fees can be seen on the online booking system via our website.
  • For online consultations, it is expected that all fees are paid prior to commencing the session via our online booking system. We accept EFTPOS and credit card payments for online consultation bookings.
  • For in-person consultations, we accept cash, EFTPOS, and credit card payment methods at the site of your consultation.
  • We offer electronic health rebates (via HICAPS) for your convenience for online and in-person consultations. Please check prior to booking whether your private health fund accepts telehealth rebates. In the event of electronic network failure, full payment is still required on the day of consultation.
  • For online physio consultations, full payment for the session is required at the time of booking.
  • Health insurance rebates can only be applied at the end of the session after the service has been received. The balance paid by the HICAPS rebate is then refunded directly onto your credit or EFTPOS card. Please allow 2-3 business days for this reimbursement to arrive back at your card. Alternatively, you can submit a claim for a rebate with your health insurance company yourself after the service has been completed.
  • In certain circumstances, we offer over the phone credit and debit card payments also, prior to the commencement of your consultation.
  • In the instance of purchasing treatment packages, rebates will only be available once the treatment service has been completed.
  • There is no refund available on the purchase of any personal or healthcare items if you change your mind. If the item has a major problem we can either refund or exchange the item for you. If the problem is not major, we will repair it for you within a reasonable timeframe. Please keep your proof of purchase.
  • Those who feel they cannot comply with our strict billing methods or wish to be given special consideration, please feel welcome to put your request in writing and address it to the Practice Director.
  • Please understand that our strict billing methods allow equality of service to all clients, and serve to raise the already high standard of care we can offer you. Our intention is not to exclude anyone from being able to access our physiotherapy services, whether online or in-person. We have never denied anyone the benefits of physiotherapy care because of their inability to pay our published fees. We understand that there may be financial hardship that requires individual consideration, please put your request in writing to MyPlace Physio’s Director.


  1. Privacy Policy Summary
  • MyPlace Physio is committed to protecting your privacy and your personal information is generally only disclosed to other members of your medical team where necessary
  • The personal and health information you provide during your consultation and subsequent treatment will be collected for the primary purpose of providing high-quality health care.
  • Where required by law or if necessary for debt collection reasons, your personal information will be disclosed.
  • MyPlace Physio uses SMS and/or email communication to remind you of your upcoming appointment
  • From time to time we may send you information regarding happenings at MyPlace Physio via a number of possible ways including post, email, telephone call, or SMS.
  • Reasons we may contact you include:
    • To administer accounts and process payments.
    • To communicate with you regarding any issues affecting your treatment.
    • Provide information on services and benefits available to Clients.
    • To notify Clients of promotions and events.
    • Appointment Reminders.
    • Appointment Follow Up calls
    • Marketing and promotional material about new products, services, or special offers.
    • Periodic Newsletters.
    • Practice Updates.
    • Market research or surveys to improve our products and services.
  • Should you wish not to receive such communications or our convenient SMS appointment reminders please advise one of our staff or alternatively follow the ‘unsubscribe’ instructions provided in the communication.
  • Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is considered consent to receive such communications as outlined above however you may opt-out at any time.


  1. Exclusion of Liability

The Practice Director and employees of this Practice shall not be liable for, nor shall they accept any responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage sustained by any person or persons arising out of any of the treatments or procedures delivered during the services of MyPlace Physio which does not arise from any negligent act or omission of the Practice Director and employees.


  1. General Promotional Offers Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all promotions run by MyPlace Physio and its representatives and/or its practices. Unless specifically stated otherwise:

11.1 Offer not valid with any other offer
11.2 Offer is limited to one offer per person.
11.3 Any discounts are off the standard pricing for the product or service.
11.4 Not redeemable for cash or products.
10.5 Pricing relating to any offer is valid only at the time of publication and is subject to change or termination without notice.
10.6 ‘New’ clients – means anyone that has never received services at the practice before.
10.7 The offer applies to initial and standard physiotherapy and other non-group-based appointments. If interested in longer treatments or group-based sessions, please contact us for details before booking.
10.8 To ensure the benefit of the offer is passed on to you, please confirm that you are claiming the offer when booking, or with the practice reception at the time of arrival.


  1. Definitions

In this document and the documents incorporated by reference, the following terms have the following meanings unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

Agreement” means the terms and conditions of purchasing our physiotherapy services as set out in this document and the documents incorporated by reference;

Business Days” means any day other than a Saturday or a Sunday or a day declared as a public holiday under the Public Holidays Act 1993 (Vic);

MyPlacePhysio” means us;

Physiotherapy services” means any physiotherapy or health-related services provided by us in return for a fee including any assessment, diagnosis, advice, or treatment program; and

Web site” means the website located at the domain “myplacephysio” and on all sub-domains, folders, and sub-folders on this domain.


  1. Interpretation

In this document, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

  • The terms “we”, “us” and “our” are references to are provided via this web site, which is owned and operated by Jacob Taylor, trading as MyPlace Physio (ABN 18 338 508 507), our successors and assignees;
  • Words defined in the singular have the corresponding meaning in the plural;
  • Reference to a “person” includes a reference to a corporation, association, or other entity;
  • Reference to a “written request” means a request submitted to us by email, by post, by fax, or using the “contact us” form on the web site;
  • Reference to the “Parties” means both you and us; and
  • All monetary amounts are expressed in Australian dollars.


Please note that MyPlace Physio may update and change these terms and conditions at times by updating this page. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are comfortable with any changes.

For more information about MyPlace Physio visit HOME or ABOUT US.

If you have questions about these terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact MyPlace Physio via this link or via the details described below:


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