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Telehealth Physio Services

At MyPlace Physio we understand your needs are unique!

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Workstation Ergonomic Assessment / Set Up

Sports Physio

Busy Mums

Core Stability & Strength Training


GP Referrals (EPC & Medicare)

DVA Veterans


Pre/Post Op Rehab


Workcover & CTP

Dizziness & Vertigo

In Person Physio (GC Only)

Online Telehealth Physio Consults

At MyPlace Physio we come to you via telehealth physio, so you can get the treatment and expert advice you need from the comfort of your place!

Conditions we treat via telehealth physio:

  • Low-back pain – disc, facet joint strains, osteoarthritis, stenosis, etc
  • Neck and mid-back pain – disc, facet, postural overload, strains
  • Headaches – neck and posture-related headaches
  • Shoulder pain – bursitis, rotator cuff injuries, instability, OA, etc
  • Knee pain – joint OA, runner’s knee, meniscus and ligament injuries, etc
  • Foot and ankle pain – sprained ankles, plantar fasciopathy, etc
  • Hip pain – joint OA, impingement, labral issues, glut tendon tears, etc
  • Elbow and wrist pain – carpal tunnel, tennis and golfer’s elbow, etc
  • …and much more!

If pain is stopping you from doing what you love to do, Book Now and get moving towards living your better life now!

Workstation Ergonomic Assessments

You need to have the right workstation set-up to minimise joint and postural overload from doing your work. We offer 30 minute workstation set-up to help you prevent postural neck and low-back pain issues while working.

If you’ve just switched to working from home due to COVID-19, book now to make sure your home workstation is set up right!

Sports Physio

Help – I have sports injury! You CAN perform at your physical best! At MyPlace Physio our physiotherapists have worked with athletes and sporting clubs from the grassroots level to the elite level. Our physiotherapists have worked with Brisbane Roar Football Club, the NBA, Australia Winter Olympic athletes and a number of Australia’s best elite and junior elite swimmers, triathletes, runners and ironmen.

At MyPlace Physio we partner with several local sporting groups and clubs. Whatever your sporting goals and whatever your sport, we can help you achieve your goals, get injury-free and perform at your physical best via our online telehealth physio consults today.

Busy Mums

Help! – I’m a busy mum! We understand that being a Mum is more than a full time job! No mum has to put up with pain, but often it’s so hard to fit in the time to see a physio with kids, schedules and the fast-paced life we live. Our physios have experience in helping mums overcome:

  • Pregnancy-related low-back pain, sciatica and pelvic instability
  • Low-back, neck, hip pain from carrying babies and kids around – yes they grow and get heavy don’t they!
  • Neck and shoulder pain from looking down while breastfeeding or caring for your baby
  • Headaches from lack of sleep, poor posture and stress
  • Shoulder pain from lifting and reaching awkwardly.

Take the time to invest into your own health now – you deserve it!


Pre / Post Op Rehab

Help! I have to get better from my op! At MyPlace Physio we don’t like to leave anything to chance. If you do, usually you get average results. If you have a joint-related operation coming up, your MyPlace Physio can help you complete your “pre-hab” to get you in the best position physically pre-op and then complete your rehab post-op so you achieve your rehab goals sooner!

We always communicate clearly with your GP and referring specialist so all parties so communication is crystal clear. Book now to get your rehab underway today!

Core Stability & Strength Training

Help! I need to get stronger! Having a strong and stable core and body is essential to reducing strain on areas on your body. Our team of physios love working with people like you to help you get strong and stable. We do this via assessing your specific needs, listening to your specific goals and creating effective exercise programs that help you build the strength and core stability that you need to do what you love pain-free.

Every client receives a personalised home exercise program with video examples so you can stay on track and stay accountable to achieve your goals. Book now to improve your core stability and strength!


GP Referrals (EPC & Medicare)

Help! – I need to get pain-free! At MyPlace Physio we work with your local GP and/or specialist to help you get pain-free and get back to doing what you love to do.

No matter what your past has been, we know we can help improve your health. We always complete a thorough assessment of your specific presenting problem, work out what the contributing factors are, and arrive at an accurate diagnosis. We then get to work treating the presenting problem and addressing each contributing factor and set you up with a personalised home exercise program.

We provide ongoing messaging support and communicate clearly with your GP all the way through your rehab and physio journey. We are confident we can help you! Book now to improve your health today!

DVA Veterans

Help! – I want to optimize my health! We love working with our DVA veterans to help them optimize their health and well-being.

Our physios have extensive experience working with DVA veterans from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. We know you deserve the best care, having given so much. We would love the honour of helping you achieve your health goals and help you keep or get back to doing what you love to do. Book now so we can help you achieve your health goals.


Workcover & CTP

Help! – I need to get back to work ASAP! At MyPlace Physio we understand that workplace and motor vehicle accidents can massively impact your life.

We have helped hundreds of clients get back to work and rehab their injuries after workplace and motor vehicle accidents. We would love the honour of helping you get pain-free and back to living your life to the full. No gap treatment is available for all our workcover and CTP clients. BOOK NOW so we can help you get back to work and back on your feet ASAP.

Dizziness & Vertigo

Help! – I get vertigo and dizzy often! Feeling dizzy and vertigo can be really unsettling and leave you feeling sick and not wanting to do what you love to do.

Whether you get dizzy from rolling in bed or simply turning your head to check your blindspot in the car, your MyPlace Physio can help you get dizzy-free in a matter of 1-3 sessions. We set you up with a specific exercise program that deals with the BBPV causing your dizziness. Book now and stop putting up with feeling dizzy!

Payments & Funding

We accept all payment and provider types!


YES! We accept all private health funds - rebate claiming is available for all physiotherapy services (online and in-person).

Medicare/GP Referral - Bulk Billed

YES!  – We accept and bulk bill all Medicare EPC referrals. Let us know if you have one of these referrals!


DVA Patients - Bulk Billed

YES! Bulk billed – We highly value our DVA veterans and love working with them to
optimize their health.


QLD Workcover - Bulk Billed

YES! - Bulk Billed – We love helping patients injured at work get back to work and back into life ASAP.


CTP Clients

YES! We work with all CTP insurers to ensure you get back on your feet ASAP.

NDIS Patients

YES! - We love working with clients with disabilities to help them do what they love to do optimally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring to my physio session?

To make things as efficient as possible bring the following to your appointment:

- Doctor/specialist referral and other relevant paperwork

- Copy of any scans/medical reports Ie. x-ray report

- Private health fund card (if relevant)

- Wear loose-fitting clothes where possible for easier assessment and treatment access


How does Telehealth Physio work?

Similar to face to face physio, via video-call we take a history, do a physical assessment and then come to an accurate diagnosis. We then teach you how to self-treat the contributing factors and educate you around what to do. We then set you up with a personalised home exercise program for you to do from home. Then , we give you all the support you need via in-app messaging support, so you can achieve your health goals faster.

For Telehealth Physio - How do I pay for the session? And how does that work with private health fund rebates and Medicare and Workcover referrals?

Payment happens securely online when you book your session or at the start of the consultation. As the consultation is completed online, payment is required before the session commences. If you have private health insurance you can claim this back after the session through your private health fund. If you have an EPC referral or are covered under CTP of Workcover, we will reimburse any booking payment made back to your card at the start of the session.

Can I claim private health fund rebates?

Yes - the vast majority of private health funds are now offering rebates for both in-person and online telehealth physiotherapy consults. For confirmation, please contact your private health fund provider or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Does Telehealth physio actually work?

Yes! There is a large amount of evidence that has found that online physio consulting via telehealth delivers the same if not better results. Why is this you may ask? We believe it’s because the client, rather than the therapist, is empowered and at the centre of their rehab journey.

For Telehealth Physio - What if you can’t help me?

During the initial consultation, if we believe we can’t help you, we will refund your payment. We will then refer you to the right person to help you!

Jacob from MyPlace Physio Coolangatta treating a back pain patient

Why choose MyPlace Physio?


At MyPlace Physio Coolangatta and MyPlace Physio Elanora, we get RESULTS. Long-term, lasting results. We do this by providing:

1) Thorough Initial Assessments to identify the primary diagnosis and contributing factors.

2) Effective treatments - We utilise manual therapy, dry needling, muscle release techniques. We also utilise exercise prescription, and strength and conditioning to achieve great outcomes.

3) Personalised home exercise programs with on-going app messaging support for every patient after the session.

- Private health fund rebatable physiotherapy services.

- Experienced physios only - all of our physios have a minimum of 8 years of clinical physiotherapy experience.

- Personalised, goal-centered rehab and health plans to help you achieve your goals.