Relieve Neck Pain from Tech – How to Prevent and Help Fix it!

Want to relieve your neck pain? Is your neck sore from too much phone, computer, or tablet time? Getting headaches from too much screen time?

Over the recent years the term ‘tech neck’ has increasingly been used to describe the rise of neck and back pain and issues caused by overuse of phones, tablets, and screens in general. The latest stats suggest that in 2017, 75.8% of the Australian population use a smartphone. And with neck pain affecting 50% of people at some point in their lifetime, the correlation between device use and neck pain is becoming increasingly clear.


So how do you minimize neck strain while still using your phone or tablet?


Here are 3 simple tips and tricks to relieve tech neck pain:

1)      Bring your device up to your eye height – relieves your neck pain

  •       Our neck joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and discs tend to get overloaded as we spend prolonged periods of time looking down.
  •       So, instead of looking down at your phone in your lap, one simple way to minimize the load on your neck is to bring your device up to your eye height.
  •       This will take strain off your neck muscles and joints, and minimize the risk of neck pain.


2)      Avoid bad postures when using your device – de-loads your neck

  •       A huge factor in preventing neck pain is avoiding prolonged time in slouched and crooked postures.
  •       When we adopt good sitting and standing posture, our neck muscles, joints and discs remain happiest and work optimally as they are positioned in better alignment.
  •       Think about your office workstation set-up to make sure it is optimal. Speak to your local physiotherapist about this or scheduled a telehealth physio workstation ergonomic assessment at
  •       Use cushions when you sit on the lounge to help you be in a better, more upright sitting position


3)      Use your phone and tablet less – minimizes neck loading

  •       A crazy idea I know! One basic way to avoid neck strain from tech use, simply put, is to use less tech!
  •       Put the phone down! Our bodies weren’t designed to stare at screens all day long, and yes, that Instagram post reply can wait!
  •       Get active today! Go for a walk, run, swim.


You can change your tech use and posture today. You don’t have to put up with tech neck pain any longer!


If you or someone you know has neck pain, MyPlace Physio has the solutions to help you head towards a pain-free back and thus an improved quality of life.


We offer telehealth physiotherapy consultations so you can access physiotherapy for neck pain wherever you are across Australia.


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Jacob Taylor

MyPlace Physio Director and Lead Physiotherapist

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