MyPlace Physio Coolangatta can help relieve your back pain!

Back pain is one of the most common and frustrating things we treat as physiotherapists. But the good news is, you don’t have to put up with back pain. In partnership with your physiotherapist, there’s plenty you can do to help fix your back pain, get back on the golf course, play with your kids pain-free or walk again without that niggling pain!

Common Back pain causes:

There are many different causes of back pain, but generally all of them include acutely or over a long period of time, overloading one one or many of your back structures. Common back pain causes can include:

  • Acute spinal disc, facet joint, and ligament strains
  • Degenerative disc and facet joint pain
  • Sciatica and nerve root compression pain
  • Postural overload
  • Neck-related Cervicogenic Headaches


Back Pain Physio Treatments:

Fortunately, as physios, there’s lots we can do to help improve your back health. Treatment for your back pain can include a variety of techniques and approaches. Depending on your contributing factors, your physiotherapist will determine the best approach for your specific back pain. This may include the following:

  • Manual therapy
  • Deep tissue massage and Remedial massage
  • Dry needling and Acupuncture
  • Myofascial releases
  • Stretching – passive stretching and PNF hold/relax stretching
  • Gentle spinal mobilisations and manipulations
  • Back pain exercises
  • Core, back, and postural strengthening exercises
  • Personalised home exercise programs
  • Pilates and physiotherapy exercise class sessions – these are great for helping to strengthen your core and back!
  • Gym programs
  • Hydrotherapy programs



Why choose MyPlace Physio for your back pain physio?

At MyPlace Physio Coolangatta we treat our patients like family, with the care, support and expertise they need to get long-term solutions for thier back pain. We offer:








Don’t waste any more time, start your journey towards a happier, healthier back today!

Our Process at MyPlace Physio Coolangatta

Simply put, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach to healthcare! Your needs and goals are specific to you and we tailor our treatment methods and approach to match them. We have helped thousands of clients by applying a proven approach to your physio journey. See below for the MyPlace Physio Coolangatta approach:


Initial Assessment and Diagnosis

We listen to you, take your injury history and have an in-depth discussion about what’s going wrong. We then undertake a comprehensive physical examination and determine the key contributing factors to your presentation. We give you a clear diagnosis and help you understand what’s going on.


Develop a Personalised Treatment Plan and Start Treatment

We develop a customized treatment plan in conjunction with you and your goals. We then start addressing the ‘Why’ behind your pain and presentation. We treat through a range of modalities including manual therapy, exercise, massage, dry needling, mobilisation, and strengthening.


Set Up a Home Exercise Program with in-built Messaging Support

We set you up with a personalised home exercise program using our exercise software Physitrack. We provider ongoing messaging support so if you have questions, we are only ever a click away. We set goals with you and over time help you get pain-free and back doing what you love doing!

Why Choose Us

What do I bring to my physio session?

To make things as efficient as possible bring the following to your appointment:

- Doctor/specialist referral and other relevant paperwork

- Copy of any scans/medical reports Ie. x-ray report

- Private health fund card (if relevant)

- Wear loose-fitting clothes where possible for easier assessment and treatment access

Telehealth available if Desired

– If you don’t want to worry about parking, travel time and leaving home, our physios can help with telehealth physio, direct to your home or business.

Personalised home exercise programs

– Every sessions comes with an individually tailored home exercise program utilising the Physitrack app. Therefore, you can stay accountable where needed and keep on track towards your health goals.

Private health fund rebatable

Physiotherapy services (check with your provider for telehealth physio consultations)

Thorough Initial Assessments

To identify the primary diagnosis and contributing factors.

Effective treatments

We utilise manual therapy, dry needling, muscle release techniques. We also utilise exercise prescription, and strength and conditioning to achieve great outcomes.

Personalised Treatment Plans

– We don’t follow a ‘cookie-cutter approach’. We understand that everyone is different. Our physios take the time to assess your needs and the contributing factors and address these via a number of different treatment approaches.

– Your body and your goals are unique, so your treatment plan will be also.

Ongoing Support

– Unlike almost all other physio practices, with MyPlace Physio you can access your physiotherapist after your session finishes via the inbuilt messaging in the Physitrack app.

– Messages are checked and responded to regularly so if you have questions, or concerns, help is always only a click away


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